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Building State-of-the-Art Sports Facilities in Cheshire

One of our ambitions is to create state-of-the-art sports facilities for schools, universities, and regional clubs, and to achieve this, we work with our partner, The Redgrave Institute. To find out more about our sports and recreational facilities, please contact our developers in Chester, Cheshire.

The Redgrave Institute

The Redgrave Institute is a vision to take Sir Steve Redgrave, an iconic legendary athlete; his philosophy, experience, and brand to develop a world-class health and leisure concept with a difference.

Sporting Facilities

The Redgrave Institute provides a facility for the local community which supports the educational framework to create an inspiring model for sports and activity for all people. In doing so, we hope it will redefine the health and activity space with its integrated approach.

Sporting Equipment

In connection with Investec Education, it is our aim to provide all schools with access to a value for money equipment solution, which supports investment in a broad range of equipment; from internal and external facilities to sports pavilions and 3G pitches. Additionally, as part of our flexible ‘Sports Bundle’, schools are also able to cover the cost of frequently replaced intangibles, such as bats, balls, and nets; incorporating replacements and upgrades as and when these become required.

For more information please see the Redgrave Institute website.

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in Chester, Cheshire, for further information about our sports and recreation facilities.