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Developers in Cheshire Providing Deluxe Student Living Accommodation

Enhance your university facilities with help from our expert firm. Working from our company in Chester, Cheshire, we are able to develop student living, sports, and recreation facilities in areas across the country. For additional information about our solutions, please contact our expert team at Bell Developments in Chester, Cheshire.

Student Living, Sports, and Recreation

At our established company, we provide innovative solutions to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for student housing. Through our modern, sustainable developments, we are able to provide quality accommodation that meets the living and lifestyle priorities of students. Recently, we have found a new focus on this, and are currently working with universities and other representative bodies to provide accommodation for the growing student population in the UK. The accommodation we offer is:


  • Modern

  • Stylish

  • Affordable

  • Sustainable


Create a safe and secure environment for your students and the public to enjoy with the assistance of our experts and development solutions. Here at Bell Developments, our ambition is to provide state-of-the-art student living, sports, and recreational facilities for all the public to enjoy, and we go above and beyond to ensure this achieved.

Our Sister Company

Working alongside our sister company, The Redgrave Institute, we are able to provide sporting solutions.

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in Chester, Cheshire, for deluxe student living that will add value not only to your university but to the community as a whole.